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The Sisters Strain were a little late to the world of acting, getting their start after being scouted from a local mall. However, growing up in a small town in South Western Ontario meant the trip to Toronto took over 3 hours. They didn't audition often but when something really suiting came up their father would do the long drive for them in order for the twins to pursue their passion. Both Kat and Karissa remember the entire trip to Toronto being wrought with stomach aches full of nerves, the kind of feeling you get where you don't know if you are about to have an accident in your pants or throw up. This would last all the way up until being called into the room. At which time, they recall everything and everyone just melted away and they "did what they came to do".  Reversely the entire trip home was full of joy and excitement as they felt like they were on cloud nine!!

When they got older and it was time to decide what they wanted to do with their lives they seriously thought about taking a more practical approach to a future career. They were each accepted to University for psychology (it's no surprise- they have always had a fascination with human nature;) but when push came to shove they realized they didn't want to live a life without that feeling. That sweet/sick feeling! School would always be there...but they had no intention of settling for less than their hearts desired.

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