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Poetry- Kat

I have always had a passion for expression and storytelling. First through dance, then performance- on stage and on screen. Sharing, emoting and evoking feeling in others stirs my soul. Those mediums allowed me to share the stories and voices of others.Writing has become a way for me to find and strengthen my own voice and share my stories. It is not a choice, but a compulsion. As natural and essential as breathing. I feel the urge and I let my pen flow. I never know where or when it might consume me. Sometimes I’m not even sure whose words they are and if they are indeed of my own heart. Regardless, I am an eager and grateful conduit. I am a highly passionate, overly sensitive, hopeless romantic brimming with thoughts and emotions and a deep,desperate need to purge them. Were I to swallow them down, ignoring their urge  and denying myself their release into the world, I’m quite convinced I might just burst. Poetry is both my salvation and damnation. My biggest strength and surest weakness. My shameful sorrow and purest joy. Every particle that beats within my skin brought to the surface… my pulse, my heart…my souls true purpose.

Draft 2 Cover - Letters to Luca.png

In Print July 2024

Letters To Luca

We fell in love as Winter gave way to Spring. Like the snow could not stay to share in the changing season, neither could you.


“How can I leave when I miss you already?”


You asked on the day of your departure…but you did. Only days after you told me you loved me.


“I would stay if I could.”


You caught my face, bringing my averted eyes to yours. I was scared to look into them, scared to believe the promises they held, scared to put stock in the ones spilling from your lips in case you didn’t truly mean them.


“I don’t know how we will make it work, but we will.”


Three months later I would visit you in Italy. Silent tears spilling on the plane while watching Call Me By Your Name. Terrified our story, like theirs, would end in vain.


You kissed me twice at the airport and again I couldn’t look you in the eyes for fear I’d cry.


“I’m so glad I got to show you all the people and places I love as you are one of them and always will be” …and I knew you meant goodbye.


I wept the entire 12 hour journey home because  it wasn’t and never would be over for me.


“I know I will wait for him as long as it takes. What scares me and breaks my heart is the fear he won’t do the same.”

Adeline- Her Head, Her Heart, Her Honour

A capricious collection of poems and prose from a confessional poet 

~You come and go so fleeting

All or nothing just the same

Even in your absence 

You remain

Ready to purge my pain

And the most intimate parts of me

Setting my soul free

Lighting my inner flame


No rhyme or reason

But I've given you a name

My passion, my poetry

My Adeline...

My heart you contain~

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