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Poetry Vignettes

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Portraits of A Woman:
A Sisters Strain Companion Piece

The Sisters Strain have been avid poetry writers for years- in fact they both describe it as a necessary part of their lives. Their therapy.  If you check out their "writers" section of the website you will see a page dedicated to their poetry as each of them have various collections they are working on with a goal of self publishing in 2023.

It was through a week long filmmaking intensive that Kat and Karissa took part in with NYFA that the idea struck them to start filming short vignettes of their poetic inspirations in life. Combining their love of writing poetry with their passion for filmmaking. 

Portraits of a Woman is the compilation of their individual, completed projects for this course. Filmed with just the two of them, their cellphones and a stabilzer all in one shot. The first of many vignettes they plan to breathe life into! 

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