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Short Films

The Sisters Strain have been full Actra members since they were in their early teens. As they got older and started to feel the urge to write/produce and direct their own stories- stories true to their experience in which they would appear on screen as well as run the show behind the scenes- this proved to be a bit tricky due to union stipulations. The pair never let that stop them and over the years worked with the Actra Co-Op to still be able to bring their stories to life and share them with the world. Therefore all of their films to date have been fully funded out of their own pockets. They have been incredibly creative and resourceful with their modest budgets, never letting money hold them back from their passionate expression..

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Miss-Twin-Ception- a satirical rap style music video. Our first ever!! Answering all the silly twin questions we get asked daily...along with a comical dose of sarcasm ;)


Official selection for Toronto Short Film Festival (won best music video), LA Comedy Festival and Zero Film Festival 2014

I Had A Dream

An "Out of body" imagining of the loss of your chance to fulfill your lifes hopes and dreams and the void that is felt upon loosing the person you love the most.

A dramatic short about the immense connection and bond of twin relationships.


Finalist Bahamas International Film Festival (2016)

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The Sugar Cougars Present: Welcome to The Pussy palace

An idea birthed during the “Tiger King” craze of the pandemic, this no budget quaran-team collaboration is our very own domestic cat spoof. “The Sugar Cougars Present: Welcome to the Pussy Palace” follows Virgy and Ginny-two Canadian cat collectors who moved to California for “The American Dream”. Where the sky is truly the limit in life, animals are exotic objects to collect and literally ANYone can make a music video ;)


Winner Best Comedy - Couch Film Festival 2021 & Semi- Finalist at Best Shorts Fest 2022


Ever had too much fun at a Value Village?


We've always had a fascination for dress up and wigs and when we were younger we'd spend hours playing our "mirror game" which involved us facing each other as we'd take turns, one person changing the dance move as the other person mirrors- trying to make each other look as silly as possible- looking silly ourselves! 

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Twins Sisters: A Stepbrothers Parody

We've alwasy fancied ourselves the female version of Will Ferrel and John C. was only natural we make an ode to their work.

KarKat Presents:
The CatCar

KarKat presents: "The CatCar" starring Kat Strain as "Fovea" and Karissa Strain as "Freya". The series follows the ventures of two sassy cats dealing with life's daily conundrums.

Follow the link to our Youtube channel to watch all 12 won't want to miss our precious twin cats in their cute little costumes!

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