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Feature Films

If you checked out the work on our short films page you have a good understanding of what we are capable of with little to no money behind our projects...just image what we COULD do with bigger budgets on a larger production scale. As the years have progressed, so too have our dreams and also our stories. Our storytelling stems from human relationships and vulnerable emotion. Whether it's a female led, vigilante justice horror film with underlying themes of social justice, a mockumentary intended to make people smile at human absurdities, a classic Hallmark Christmas tale we know our mother has been dying to see us in or the real life story of remarkable women throughout history. Our stories defy genres and we always aim high- we aren't women who will ever play it safe. As actresses with years of experience on sets of all calibres we are very aware of what this undertaking of ours entails and we are ready to rise to the occasion!

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Festival Circuit 2024

Call of the Blackbird

On the cessation of covid, 30 year old twin sisters give up their big city dreams to return home and navigate the challenges of starting a new career, living with their parents and reimagining their future.


Bloody Bunny

Bloody Bunny is a modern day Giallo style horror that features strong female leads on their journey for vigilante justice. The film touches on topics like sexual assault, female empowerment and female strength and sexuality.

Bloody Bunny will be a "for Women by women" project with a female driven cast, females in the Key Behind the scenes positions and as many women hired on the crew as possible.


Twin madams, Disaea and Disornis run the exotic Birds of Paradise night club on a strip known for sex and violence. As they recruit more of the women from The Ranch, a rival club, the owner, Huck, launches a vendetta against the beautiful and powerful pair of women. In the middle of their rivalry, a horrific series of murdered men emerges, apparently to be at the hands of a mysterious creature…

Currently In Development

Currently In Development

Sisters Strange: The Story of Bytch Face

A pair of twins reunite their band only to break it up bigger than ever!

Inspired by films like: This Is Spinal Tap, Drop Dead Gorgeous and A Mighty Wind, the footage would be a mix of staged interviews to camera along with “fly on the wall” footage of them on tour and their lives during this period. Although the film is primarily a comedy it still has realistic characters with complex relationships and a potentially poignant ending that would resonate with audiences.

The Marry Mistle-

Twin sisters, Nicky and Noelle, spend all year looking forward to the Holidays, but this year a few surprise proposals shake up their favourite festive plans.

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Currently In Development

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