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What is Soul Strong?

Soul Strong with The Sisters Strain is a female oriented boxing program that aims to focus on not only strength of body but strength of mind. The program will teach introductory level boxing skills and will aim to promote personal confidence, the importance of fostering sisterhood as well as inner bravery and finding your own voice!

A trial run of the program is currently being offered to females aged 13-16 in Chatham- Kent, Ontario and will take place in May of 2024. Participants are asked to attend 4, 2 hour workshop sessions where they will receive a pair of boxing gloves, hand wraps, tote bag, t-shirt, water bottle, journal and jump rope. These items will be theirs to keep so that they are set up to successfully pursue further boxing training/recreational enjoyment, should they choose to, following the program.

The Sisters Strain are running this trial out of their own pocket but will be looking for support/sponsorship opportunities in the future in order to offer the program free of charge to participants so no socio-economic barriers prevent participation!

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Soul Strong
with the Sisters Strain

The Sisters Strain are looking to expand the Soul Strong program to various age groups- both young ladies and women!

Should you be interested in a female oriented, body/mind focused, introductory boxing program we urge you to send us an email and tell us about yourself!

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