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Film & Television

Throughout their years in the industry The Sisters Strain have been blessed to work on some really amazing projects with some incredibly talented artists. You can follow the menu above to check out their Demo Reel as well as full resumes but below are a few of their most recognizable roles. Hopefully you will enjoy watching them as much as they enjoyed creating them!



Following the death of their mother, an identical twin pulls away to establish her own independence, while the other unravels and plots to end her sister’s new beginning.

After her mother dies, Celeste Hart (Karissa Strain) struggles to come to terms with her identity, literally. Her mother was the only person who could ever tell Celeste apart from her identical twin, Leeann (Katie Strain). Dealing with the grief differently, Celeste begins to pull away from her sister – her partner in life and business, while a dangerously unstable Leeann only smothers Celeste more. Mere days before opening their hip new yoga studio, Celeste escapes on a self-realization yoga retreat lead by Sergio (Yves Bright), a yogi who’s as charming as he is spiritual. Abandoned, Leeann unravels manically and plots to find her twin and put an identity-bending end to Celeste’s new beginning, at any cost.


A sheltered high school girl unleashes her newly developed telekinetic powers after she is pushed too far by her peers. An adaptation of Stephen King's Best-Selling novel, "Carrie".


Wynonna Earp

Season 1, Episode 11 "Landslide"

The Earp girls' world has been rocked by their discovery in the Barrens, but Wynonna must swing back into action when a gambler is torn apart in his hotel room. Henry meets a mysterious stranger on the road out of the Ghost River Triangle.

Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil

Season 1, Episode 7 "Terrible Twin Turf Tussle"

Jenny begins a lesbian relationship, causing the girl's jealous twin sister to use the book, creating clones armies of the sisters who battle it out in the school hallways. Hannah creates Todd a special suit so he can sense Pure Evil.

Totally Amp'd

Rogue receptionist, Zoe, sees a chance to prove herself and recruits a group of talented teens to form the band Totally Amp'd. But they must overcome their differences if they want a shot at winning the musical competition of their lives.

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